Sketchnotes Vorlagen zum Üben Schritt für Schritt

Sketchnotes templates for practising step by step

Sketchnotes Vorlagen zum Üben Schritt für Schritt

Discover the creative world of sketchnotes templates! They are inspiration, instructions and expression at the same time. With these visual instructions, you can learn to draw sketchnotes in a fun and creative way and design your own unique notes.

Sketchnotes templates with step-by-step instructions in pictures

Each template guides you step-by-step through the process of sketching and designing sketchnotes. From simple symbols and shapes to more complex layouts and designs, the templates provide you with a wealth of ideas and techniques to improve your notes and make them more visually appealing.

The finished icon in just a few steps

Before we tackle the rocket, let's start with icons that are ready to draw in three or four steps:

Draw a Cloud

The cloud is a versatile symbol in sketchnotes. It can be used to represent thoughts or ideas. A cloud can also symbolise different emotions, depending on how it is drawn. A large and dark cloud can symbolise worries or problems, for example, while a light and airy cloud can stand for creativity and lightness.

Find out more about the cloud symbol and how you can draw it here.