The Sketchnote Journal - Have fun learning to visualise

Visualise ideas quickly and easily! Your inspiration and workbook with step-by-step instructions and tips from professionals to help you learn to visualise with ease.

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The CHANGE Journal - ideas, tools and inspiration for your personal development journey

Change is not always easy. But with the right tricks and tips, even the biggest development feels easy. With our ideas, tools and impulses, we support you on your personal development journey towards more productivity, mindfulness and clarity! Both in your private and professional life!

Just a few minutes a day are enough!

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The Start-up Journal

Already have an idea? Find out now how you can implement the first steps. Sign up here and try out the first chapter of the new journal right away!

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What customers say about the Change Journal:

"Finally something that's really simple and doesn't take forever!"

Carsten Späth, 32

"A perfect gift for those who already have everything! And for me too ;)"

Katharina Lutz, 36

"I already knew a lot of it, but it was explained more clearly here and I was able to get started straight away."

Marie Classen, 20