ASMR Annawhispers stellt das CHANGE JOURNAL vor!

Annawhispers presents the CHANGE JOURNAL in the ASMR video!

ASMR Annawhispers stellt das CHANGE JOURNAL vor!

The world is becoming increasingly hectic and noisy. So it's no wonder that more and more people are becoming fans of ASMR. ASMR stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" and is often translated as "tingling in the head". Soft voices, gentle scratching or tapping noises and, most importantly, expressive whispering are finding more and more fans on YouTube.

Annawhispers and her ASMR videos
Annawhispers from Austria has already published countless ASMR videos on various topics and has an average of over 20,000 viewers and listeners per video! I'm delighted that she watched my CHANGE JOURNAL and made a great video about it! In it, she talks about her own experiences with the CHANGE JOURNAL. And in her usual charming way :)

Here is the CHANGE JOURNAL video
Because the CHANGE JOURNAL is deliberately not an app and wants to get you out of the digital everyday life, this unusual way of presenting the product fits perfectly with the CHANGE JOURNAL;)

Take a look at the video click here.
She also has a nice discount code and is giving away a CHANGE JOURNAL!

Competition over and no luck this time? Then you can order the Change Journal here