Circle Trick Kapitel 4 Change Journal

Circle trick: get your tasks done easier!

Circle Trick Kapitel 4 Change Journal

Chapter 4 from the CHANGE JOURNAL

The briefings are piling up, and a thousand emails still need to be answered. So far, Mom’s 70th birthday speech only reads, “Dearest, best mom ever...” – followed by lots of blank space. It would be best to do some calls, although you’re already late for your next meeting. Where in the hell did I put those slides? You still have to send that letter of refusal to the job candidate. Or was that the one you wanted to hire? And when was that dentist appointment? Was it yesterday or today?

Writing things down can help! Everyone says you need to keep a to-do list. But won’t that only prove how great your chaos is? All these appointments – they’re like a pack of wild monkeys. HELP!!
I’d be glad to!

“The Circle” by Sigurdur Armannsson is a simple technique for sorting and managing your tasks. List your tasks chronologically – in the exact order they need to complete. Add tasks that have no deadline according to your personal preferences. Create the final sequence using symbols. Therefore, you should leave some space in front of the respective points: reserve it for an icon that indicates the prioritization and, thus, the structure within the list.

The goal is for you to remain on top of things. You are responsible for determining when you tackle the tasks – not the other way around! And you won’t forget anyone or anything, either.
I have updated and streamlined the basic model of Armannsson’s symbols in combination with other templates. No matter how long the list is or whether you add something at short notice: The following options will prepare you for anything.


All you have to do is start! You will quickly realize that optimizing your overview and structure will also optimize your sense of control and composure.
You will still have to complete the tasks, but you’ll be the boss, and the tasks will dance to your tune.

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