Change Journal Leuchtturm1917 in Beere Deutsch
Journaling für mehr Achtsamkeit, Produktivität und Fokus
Change Journal "Wo will ich hin" aus dem Kapitel Klarheit
Change Journal Kapitel Komfortzone
Change Journal Wochenrückblick
Finde heraus was du nicht kannst. Und dann lass das.
Change Journal für deine persönliche Weiterentwicklung
Change Journal Leuchtturm1917 in Anthrazit Deutsch
Change Journal Leuchtturm1917 in Salbei grün Deutsch

CHANGE JOURNAL, Leuchtturm1917 Edition - German - Berry / Anthracite / Sage

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A mix of book & journal in German for your personal growth

The CHANGE JOURNAL is a mix of a book and a success journal. It guides you towards a happy and fulfilled life by applying practical methods for more productivity, mindfulness, and clarity. 


Note: it is not a calendar.


How the CHANGE JOURNAL works

You get 24 ideas and hacks to get you started right away. Choose the concept that appeals to you most and get started. Each idea is briefly explained. Matching templates help you to apply the newly learned method directly. Writing in the book is explicitly encouraged ;) 

You can try out each method in the book for seven days. With the undated calendar template, you start when you want. If you plan to test the idea further, return to our website. Here you'll find all the templates to print out.

The great thing about the hacks is that only a few minutes per day are enough for personal development! 



✓ CHANGE JOURNAL Edition in proven Leuchtturm1917 quality

✓ Magical 294 pages on ink-safe paper with plenty of room for your notes

✓ 24 hacks make it easy to simplify your life

✓ Includes 38 effective templates to try right away

✓ Handy A5 size lets you take it with you wherever you go

✓ Two bookmark ribbons 

✓ This journal is in German 

What happy Change Makers say

"Finally, something that's really easy and doesn't take forever!"

Carsten Späth, 32