Sketchnote Journal Leuchtturm1917 in Olive auf Englisch
Einblicke in das Sketchnote Journal Leuchtturm1917 auf Englisch
Sketchnote Journal Leuchtturm1917 in Vanille auf Englisch
Sketchnote Journal Contents
Sketchnote Journal Preview Draw stick figures
Learn faster & remember more: Sketchnote Journal Preview
Sketchnote Journal Preview: Draw symbols lstep by step
Sketchnote Journal Preview: Draw symbols
Sketchnote Journal Preview: Even more icons and their meaning
Sketchnote Journal Preview: Design fonts
Sketchnote Journal Preview: Draw arrows differently
Sketchnote Journal Preview: Learn to layout pages for Sketchnotes
Sketchnote Journal Preview: Space to practise

Sketchnote Journal, Leuchtturm1917 Edition - English - Vanilla / Olive

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A picture says more than 1000 words: the new Sketchnote Journal

How do I learn to visualize my thoughts on paper quickly and easily? The Sketchnote Journal is an inspiration and workbook with instructions and tips from professionals. You can learn step-by-step how to create visual notes. The basics are shown in an easy-to-understand and playful way.

Get the new colleagues in the workshop excited about an idea? Make notes that are easier to understand, or just sort your thoughts? The methods used to date to explain something often only work to a limited extent because the structure is missing, and everyone understands something different.

Sketch & Note = Sketchnote. With this method, you can practically visualize all ideas and concepts. Sometimes just a few lines are enough to organize a mental model and make it visible and thus understandable for others. It is not without reason that the saying goes: "A picture says more than 1000 words".

Thinking, planning, formulating in pictures

From simple icons to stick figures and typography to ready-made visual notes. For the shopping list, journaling, or at work - it's straightforward, and anyone can do it.

Sketchnotes help ...

... to develop new ideas.

... to illustrate your thoughts.

... to work in a structured way, to learn more efficiently.

... and make notes and transcripts fun.


Visualize ideas quickly and easily.

Sketchnotes are not about art. The aim is to remember content better through visual notes because Sketchnotes also work wonders when learning. The Sketchnote Journal includes a beginner's workshop tailored to everyday work but just as suitable for private use. There are also many tips and exercises and inspiration from other professional Sketchnoters who also help and show how different your Sketchnote style can be. The German painter and graphic artist Paul Klee put it in a nutshell: "A line is a point that goes for a walk."

The inspiration and workbook with instructions and tips from professionals

The Sketchnote Journal was developed by Anna Frank, a visual designer from Hamburg, and the Berlin innovation strategist Sabine Wein. The two authors have been working with sketchnotes every day for many years. With this journal they pass on their extensive knowledge: well-founded, to the point and enriched with many ideas and methods from the lively Sketchnote community.

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✓ Convenient A5 format in the dimensions 145 x 210 mm
✓ High-quality feel thanks to hardcover
✓ 120 g/m² paper: reinforced pages so that nothing presses through when drawing
✓ Enthusiastic learning with plenty of space to draw on 186 numbered pages
✓ Two bookmark ribbons to stay conveniently on the ball