Insight into the CHANGE JOURNAL

The idea for the book

When you're as lazy and full of ideas as I am, at some point you start looking for tricks to make your life easier. How to get more done in the same amount of time - well, no: how to get more done in less time. A race that I regularly lost.

So I plunged into the world of guides and blogs, planners and journals. And because there was something interesting to be found everywhere, I filtered out my favourites. And lo and behold: the most effective ones were never complicated in terms of idea and implementation. They were simple, sometimes even almost too simple (if that's possible;-)

I realised that I am not alone in my aspirations.

It clicked - and that's how this journal came about: A mix, free of any claim to completeness in a particular area. Others can do that better. Rather a practical, daily companion that doesn't take itself too seriously, doesn't force itself into your life - and wants to and can achieve a lot for you in this way. Thanks to its unique diversity, you will receive impulses that you may not have expected.

One idea is that everything is based on your own personal interests and motivations: There is no linear structure, the offer is meant to jump back and forth.

So let yourself be inspired and intuitively guided. There are 24 ideas. Each one is described in such a way that you'll know pretty quickly whether you want to stick with it or move on to the next one.

There are calendar templates for every idea. Here you can document your development on a daily basis. There's a scale from one (= lousy) to ten (= great), elements for tracking and reflecting, you can note your highlight and lowlight of the day. If the seven days are not enough, you will find a link to a free PDF that you can print out yourself.

However, I would like to limit your freedom in one thing: once you have started something, stick with it for seven days. Even if it seems too difficult (or too easy) at times, it is and will only be a few minutes a day that are well invested.

So, that's it for the how and why.

Here we go, on the next page you'll find an overview of all the ideas. I wish you lots of fun and even more success!


How the CHANGE JOURNAL works

Inhaltsverzeichnis Change Journal Leuchtturm1917 Edition

1. there are 24 ideas for you to discover.

In the CHANGE JOURNAL you can read about 24 tricks and ideas that will make your life easier and better.

Just choose the one that interests you the most. Feel free to jump back and forth. Only once you've started something, stick with it for a week. It doesn't hurt either, as it's only a few minutes a day;)

You can first read about an idea in a short and crisp way:

2. try out each idea in specially developed calendar templates.

Reading is good, but doing is better;) That's why there are one or more templates for almost every idea to help you try it out. After 7 days you'll know if it was easy enough to apply in your everyday life.

Take a look at a few examples here:

3. you can easily track each day.

Generally from 1-10, where 10 stands for a super good day. If you swipe the respective number over the edge, you can see the course of your days after a certain time on the side, as well as your highlight and lowlight of the day and what you could do better. There is also space for your own notes almost every day.

The structure of a typical calendar template in detail:

a) Date
b) Scale for the day
c) Highlight and lowlight
d) Water trackerer
e) Quote of the day
f) Space for notes

The basic structure of the templates is as follows:

Here is the overview of all chapters

All chapters here are filled with sample content so that you can get inspiration on how you could use the templates. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please email me:

Chapters 1 and 2 are generally about water and gratitude. You can easily track your water consumption on most of the templates. And there is always a little space in each weekly review to reflect on what you are grateful for. So you don't need an extra template for that ;) So, let's get started: